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EA Solutions is a full-service firm. We provide project management, architectural and engineering services with top performing professionals and client-centered service. Our designs have a strong emphasis in performance, functionality, and efficiency while maintaining a high level of visual satisfaction.

EA Solutions is a client-oriented firm. We take the time to understand your needs, wants, goals and priorities first and then tailor the project’s processes and final product to match. We stand behind our work and we stand behind our client.


EA Solutions’ professionals have more than 90 years of combined experience in architecture and engineering design with a variety of project types. Each of our principals are committed to following the issues, trends and innovations affecting a specific project type because of this, clients receive designs provided by professionals with extensive experience and knowledge in designing similar projects.

EA Solution’s professionals are passionate about the project types upon which they are focused and our clients benefit from integrated services leading to reduced change orders, and therefore, cost. EA Solution’s organization encourages communication and collaboration among groups of architects, engineers and designers who are accustomed to working alongside one another on specific project types—from government to healthcare. This fosters free-flow of ideas and information, helping design teams achieve project success. Innovation, advanced yet proven solutions and intuitive functionality are products of our organization.

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